At the Bench

Viola scroll shootout


    It might be said that the viola scroll suffers from a case of split personality. Violins have “violin style” scrolls and cellos have “cello style” scrolls however, any survey of violas is bound to turn up examples with scrolls like violins and like cellos. …

Some Thoughts on Hide Glue

hide glue.jpg

    The adhesive used in most aspects of violin making is hide glue. It is made from the connective tissue (skin bones, tendons,etc) of animals. Hide glue has been in use for many thousands of years, although it is not as commonly used today. …

Selecting Wood



    I have been looking through my wood pile to select the materials for a new instrument. I always look forward to the selection process with anticipation. Looking over the various pieces of wood I have acquired over the years is sort of like visiting with old friends. …

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